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How To - Take Care of Leather Floggers

In a recent article, I discussed how to care for your horsehair floggers. In this issue I will be giving an overview of how to store and care for some of your other leather items such as whips and floggers. If you have purchased a leather toy or any leather item, always follow the manufacturers instructions for care and cleaning first. This article is intended as an outline only and not in any way intended to over ride other care and cleaning instructions you may have received by a manufacturer.

How to store your leather whips:
I have been asked this a lot. How is the best way to store my flogger when it's not in use? The best way to store a flogger or short whip is to hang it by its handle, in such a way so that the falls are hanging downward freely and not crumpled in any way. If you recently have purchased the flogger and it came in any kind of a plastic wrapper, it is best to remove it from the plastic. Leather should not be stored in plastic for an extended period of time. It should always be hung in the open air and not left in the bottom of a play bag. There are a couple of reasons why: The first is that it can damage the falls and add wear & tear to the item. The other and more important reason is to allow it to dry thoroughly after each use. This is a good time to discuss another aspect of caring for your leather.

Infectious disease and your toys:
Any BDSM toy has the potential to carry and transmit infectious diseases if used on more than one person. In my opinion, any leather BDSM toy, which comes into contact with bodily fluids during a scene, should only ever then be used on that person. There may be those who disagree but I personally don't see why I'd take the chance of transmitting something. Leather is a biological material and particularly difficult to disinfect without causing damage to the material in the process.

Cleaning your leather whips:
In my personal experience, it is a lot! Easier to keep your leather clean than it is to try and clean it after it has been severely stained. However, if you do need to clean or freshen up your flogger, there are many good products out there to clean and condition leather. I will mention that I have not found a cleaner yet that will completely remove such stains as blood from leather. If a stain or dirt does get on a whip or flogger, it will be a lot easier to remove if you clean it immediately VS allowing the stain to become set into the material. I personally prefer the "leather magic" line of products. They have a complete line of products for both conditioning as well as cleaning all types of leather.

In my experience, suede is the most difficult type of leather to clean. The key to cleaning suede is to of course, first make certain you are using a cleaner that is specifically made for suede & Nubuck leather. Standard cleaners can, and most likely will stain or damage suede. The idea behind cleaning suede leather is basically that you are using a small stiff brush and brushing away the stain with the help of the cleaner VS saturating the item with the cleaner. It should only take a light misting of the cleaner. There are instructions that should come with any leather cleaner. It is important to follow them very carefully and be patient. It may take several tries to completely remove the stain. It is better to do it in stages than ruin the material.

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